How to Recycle Plastic Bottles in a Creative Way

Plastic bottles are one of the most harmful things in our society. The manufacture of plastic is doubling and tripling each year. So 91% of them go into the garbage and become major reasons of pollution. We have crossed the line where plastic awareness was just an environmental activity. We are in a phase where it is an obligation to each and every one of us to recycle plastic for our race to survive. So in this article, we are going to see how we can recycle the plastic bottles in a creative way.

And the first and foremost step to recycle them is to gather them and not throw them away in the garbage, which will most probably be dumped in wastelands or oceans. And then you are going to use them again in your day to day life in a creative way. Thus we can prevent ourselves from consuming more plastic.

Plastic Plant Vase

plastic vase

One of the ways in which a plastic bottle is a massive hindrance to the environment is by settling in the soil and ruining the growth of the plants. So the first and best way to recycle plastic would be to give back what it took in the first place. That will be growing plants in the plastic bottles. Many plants like Aloe vera, Mint, Basil, ferns thrive well in plastic bottles. In fact, most of the plants that do not grow strong and deep roots. To grow a plant in a plastic bottle,

  1. Take a plastic bottle of your choice. For that matter, any plastic containers bottles, Ice Cream tubs, Yogurt tubs, milk cans, etc.
  2. Cut one-third of the bottle from the top.
  3. Cover the bottom of the bottle with paper, waste cloth or any material that won’t let the light in. Light is bad for the roots.
  4. Fill one or two inches with compost.
  5. Place the plant inside the bottle. Continue to put compost till the roots are completely hidden.
  6. Water the plants regularly.

Water Sprinkler


It is yet another way to nourish nature using plastic. It is easy to make and very effective. To make a water sprinkler,

  1. Select a plastic bottle.
  2. Make multiple holes on the bottle. You can either make it in the bottom or on the cap.
  3. Fill the bottle with water
  4. Squeeze the bottle gently to sprinkle water on plants.

You can utilize it effectively by setting a challenge to the kids. Make them compete to water the plants. They would find it fun. Moreover, it’s a much required good habit to be cultivated in the future generation.

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Birds are one of the creatures that are affected by the man-made revolutions. They have lost their home, food source due to the depleting vegetation. They are just disappearing. And one of the effortless way to help them would be by feeding them. To make a bird feeder,

  1. Select two bottles of your choice.
  2. Cut a square big enough to fit the bird, 2 inches above the bottom. You can use a marker to determine the size. And you can use a hot knife or a sharp blade to cut it out.
  3. Fill one bottle with bird food of your choice and another with water.
  4. Hang them in a place where birds can reach them.



People love fancy Plastic containers for everything. In the kitchen, for storing various food items, in the tables as stands and in many more ways just because they are cheap. You see them, you buy them. For no reason at all but because they were fancy. So let’s take a stand there and stop that spree shopping and use the already available bottles as containers. As pen stands, salt and sugar container, as jewel stands. There are no limitations. If you want them fancy, please spend some efforts and let your inner artist out. It will do good to your mental health too.

In this age, we are attached to plastics so much so that, using them seems natural and sensible. However, it is high time we take responsibility for the ruckus it has created in our world. We must give back what we took from this earth. For that, the least we could do is control plastic usage, use water softener and recycle our share of plastics. Its a small effort but makes a great difference. If you found this article useful, please share it to spread awareness and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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