Ministerial Statement 6 May 2009

Defence. Maritime Change Programme

The ISOLUS Project, which is the work under way to develop the solution for the dismantling and recycling of our nuclear submarines, continues to make good progress. We remain committed to complying with legislation and Government policy and will be conducting further research, assessments and consultation before any final recommendations are made. We are on track to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment later this year, including a period of public consultation. After the Strategic Environmental Assessment it is also our intention to establish a demonstrator programme to optimise the process to dismantle and recycle as much material as feasibly possible from our submarines after they have left Royal Navy service, and to examine issues such as how to reuse the reclaimed material in the future. It has been decided, after consultation with stakeholder groups, that the project will be renamed the
Submarine Dismantling Project to reflect more accurately the scope and future direction of our work in this important area. I expect the next announcement, outlining the proposed dismantling and storage solution, to be made in 2010.

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